Your personal genome: for sale…to you…but not yet!

The race has started for companies wanting to sell you your genomic information. None are selling you products yet (except for your geographic ancestry from National Geographics Genographer).

23andme has been grabbing some attention because of receiving some Google funding, and Illumina’s CEO mentioned their partnership, check out the posting here at Symaxis. However, there is still nothing for sale (no Google Checkout for you…yet!). Recently Ester Dyson, board member of 23andme, recently talked to Charlie Rose, of which I wrote about here.

Navigenetics also has a website full of advisers, ethics, and policy. But no shopping cart…yet!


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  1. Bertalan Meskó on

    It seems I’ve found an other favourite blog for me. 🙂

    Keep up this great work! You have a new feed reader…

  2. Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD on

    There are actually quite a number of companies offering information on our genomes.

    1) Nutrigenomics – Sciona, Suragen
    2) Medical genetics – DNA Direct, Opaldia (UK), Navigenics
    3) Genetic genealogy –, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe
    4) Paternity and relationship testing – DNA Diagnostics Center, Genetic Testing Labs
    5) DNA Art

    And the list goes on….

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