About Genomics Revolution

Not long from now, you sprain you ankle and go to the doctor. The doctor will tell you if you should take aspirin or Tylenol based on a genomic screen of your DNA.

Genomics. It is the technology that will change our everyday lives. But what is it? What can it do? How is it done? Genomics as a field created by a hybrid of of biology, cutting edge technology and manufacturing, and massive computational storage and power.

Genomics spans multiple fields including genetics, toxicology, disease, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, and basic research. A burgeoning area of biotechnology driven by high tech innovation!

About Me

I am Laura A. Higgins, Ph.D. I am a biologist that specializes in population genetics and genomics. I currently do not work for nor do I hold stock in any company I talk about (but will tell you if that changes – I love genomics and am in the Bay Area!). Right now I am an adjuct professor at the University of Florida, and do consulting for biology, genomics, and statistics, including microarray analysis.

You can find out more about my research here.

Contact me if you are a professional in genomics and would like to contribute to this site!


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  1. Robert on


    I thought you might be interested in reporting about the “Rethink PCR” contest going on at http://www.rethinkpcr.com. People can submit slogans on what they think about current PCR.

    My favorite is “I think the only thing my cycler amplifies is my temper”


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