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Photosynth in action clip

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demonstrates Photosynth from Microsoft with constructing Notre Dame from tagged pictures…use your imagination for what it could do for a genome!


Photosynth and genomics: the future of information representation

Prognostications of the future of genomics:  this is one of the best examples of what web3.0 will be, and genomics is the obvious application of this kind of technology!!!

Photosynth from Microsoft Live Labs will be able to create a synthetic metaverse based on tagging…no more searching through the 18 different sites and cross referencing to find out everything about your favorite region of the genome! The genome can be self-assembling!

Technological limitations to genomics: bioinformatics

Massive amounts of data are produced from genomics experiments. How do you sort through and make sense of all that data? The current limitation on high-throughput systems is data analysis. The editors at laboratorytalk present a thoughtful article “Breaking the bioinformatics bottleneck”.