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Wired Magazine is the popular Genomics Magazine

Wired Magazine is again leading the Science and Technology frontier with a cover full of genomics in December, according to Nancy Miller, senior editor at Wired Magazine at a tech writing event sponsered by mediabistro and Yahoo!.

There has always been a science focus at Wired, with both news and leaders of the industry. But to claim the territory of genomics as a mainstream publication is bold, and probably the magazine with the right combination of technology and science! Right now there are articles in the news section about 23andme, genomics time line, and some applications of genomics. One question I have is how will getting our genomics information help us take better care of ourselves, an issue Health 2.0 is tackling.

The December Issue is to have genomics as the cover story – I can’t wait! I still like the look and feel of reading paper-based magazines, so I’ll be watching the newstand!

In the mean time, I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at thinking the nerdiest desk ornament at Wired was brilliant!